W. John Multipurpose Boarding School

We at W. John Multipurpose Boarding School help our students to develop into independent, conscious and sensitive individuals. With comprehensive curricular and co-curricular activities, we build their character, sculpt their personalities and nurture their skills.

The school endeavours to educate students to develop good character. The philosophy of operating the school is based on the Principles of true education- "The harmonious development of the physical, the mental and the spiritual powers". To inculcate these principles and ideals, the school has set the following aims and objectives.

  1. To help students to acquire the fundamental principles of learning and to developed independent and creative thinking .
  2. To cultivate citizenship qualities, such as good behavior, courtesy, good manners, self-respect, self- confidence, gentleness etc.
  3. To provided proper English medium school to the community.
  4. To stimulate students an appreciation of cultural value and to developed love for the country.
  5. To help students to acquire the fundamental process in learning to be able to compete in the modern society.
  6. To guide students to be self-disciplined, temperate in life, which prohibits all kinds of harmful food, narcotics, stimulants and intoxicant drinks.
  7. To guide students to avoid perverted art, Music and Literatures.

The medium of instruction in the school is English. All the students are expected to speak in English at all times  in the school. The course of study in the school is of I C S E (New Delhi) syllabus.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Parents /Guardians are not allowed to meet the students or teachers during the class in session without the permission of the principal.
  2. Right after classes are over, students are expected to go home immediately.
  3. Students should not buy eatable items from the wayside vendors.
  4. Pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal /headmaster.
  5. No, parents /guardians are permitted to enter into any agreement for private tuition for their children / wards with any teacher of the school without prior sanction of the principal.
  6. The school is not responsible for any students, who run away from the school on his/her own accord.
  7. Parents / Guardians who insist to change the marks of their children/wards or insist to promote the failed children / wards are warned that their children /wards will be dropped from the school.
  8. Irregular class attendance, idleness, neglect of homework, repeated disobedience, disrespect to the members of the school staffs, immoral conduct, habitual violation of the school rules, taking part in any demonstration against the order of the Government and joining any political group or undesirable movement in the school campus are offences liable for suspension or dismissal from the school.
  9. Silence should be maintained throughout the school hours, especially during the change of the class periods.
  10. Unhealthy association with the opposite sex and secretly meeting with the opposite sex will be severely dealt with.
  11. Students without proper school uniform will not be allowed to enter the class.

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National Winner Team

DSC 0351 FILEminimizer

  Kavita Kumari
(5 Times National Winner in Javelin Game )

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  Manita Kumari
(2 Times National Winner in Javelin Game )

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School Activities and Facilities

At W. John Multipurpose Boarding School, infrastructure assumes great significance because we view it as the
canvas on students write their future a
nd we want them to write it well.

W john School Bus

Boys Hostal W John School

Girls Hostel W John

W john School Mess For web

Smat Classes

Computer Lab W John School

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Chemistry Lab W john School

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W.John School Band

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Trip Educational W john

Caltural Activities

Yoga Classes

Sports Activities

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